Words from my younger self: May 2014 - Antonia Eriksson

So. Girls. We need to talk. Why? Because I am seriously worried.

I’ve been the girl who starves herself, who skips meals, who works out for hours a day, who steps on the scales after every meal, who looks herself in the mirror with hate and a wish to change EVERYTHING. I was convinced that loosing weight and being skinny was the most important thing and even though I had sworn to never be the girl with the eating disorder I ended up in a hospital bed, dying. So now I am here to tell you: loosing weight and being skinny is not going to make you happy – it is going to make you small, weak and silent. Slowly but surely you will loose every little bit of your personality and a monster will take place instead. A monster that will lie, cheat and forget about everything that’s really important. A monster that will replace love with hate.

Don’t go there.

Don’t let society eat you up, Don’t let anxiety eat you up. You are beautiful and you are worthy of love – not only from others but also from yourself. If you want to change something do it because it will make you a better person, because it will help you grow and evolve and because it will add positivity to your life. But never ever change something because of hate, because then it’s you attitude that is wrong, not you. You have to accept and love yourself unconditionally just the way you are RIGHT NOW  before you ever can start moving forward and turn in to something better and stronger. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are perfect, because imperfections are what make us unique and what make us perfect in our own way. Life is about so much more than what we weigh or perfect abs. It’s about so much more than looking ”perfect” or adjusting to society’s twisted idea of what beauty is. Don’t ever forget that, and don’t ever forget what’s really important.

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